5 Winter Dishes to Warm Your Cockles | Gordon Ramsay

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  • Ran Dom says:

    soo much oil!

  • Greg Harris says:

    Did he remove the aromatics before baking?

  • Tom Lane says:

    would recommend the Tomato soup lads

  • Valerie Wood says:

    I’m giving birth to our 2nd child this weekend. Since I obviously will be
    too tired to cook, I’m skinning butternut squash and carrots right now for
    our soup lunches this coming week, so we have something yummy and healthy
    for the cold weather where we live . I love extra ginger in mine for a
    little heat!

  • Handsome_Hero says:

    Fuck all that shite, I’m having a chippy

  • Xoxo 13 says:

    I’m a female but I still clicked this

  • Warm Brownies says:

    i made a grilled cheese and campbells tomato soup for my mother. Basically
    the same thing as the first dish

  • Madax miller says:

    Who the fuck would want a recipe of this UGLY WRINKLED faced WANKER carnt
    see what all the fucking fuss is about his food tastes FUCKING rank and
    FUCKING looks RANK just like that FUCKING UGLY wrinkled FUCK faced FUCKING
    UGLY CUNT. If he spoke to me like he does to other people I would JUMP up
    and DOWN on that FUCKING WRINKLED FACE until he was unconscious. I HATE
    this fucking wrinkled faced CUNT and I hope one day he will get the beating
    of his life.

  • Dank Memes says:

    i cant wait to warm my cockles!

  • MerpDerpster says:

    you ever stop and wonder what will be the last dish ever prepared my this
    incredible man?

  • Neocrypted says:

    He didn’t put olive oil on the fucking bread!

  • kit kat says:

    His hands are so sexy

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