Baked Acorn Squash Recipe – Maple Glazed Squash

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  • KAREN SNELL says:

    I made this for my family on Thanksgiving day, instead of maple syrup, I
    used honey and added pecans… We will c shortly…

  • Suzanne Baruch says:

    JUST A WORD OF WARNING FOR ALL OF YOU: I used this recipe, but left out the
    cayenne. In retaliation, Chef John haunted my dreams for ONE WHOLE WEEK.
    The first few nights, he just droned on and on about never using cooking
    wine or fake cheese from a can. The fourth night, he threatened my life
    with a freakishly small wooden spoon. The fifth and sixth nights, he
    belittled me for not having Aleppo Pepper in my spice cabinet. On the last
    night, he just sat there smoking a sage “cigarette” and telling one bad
    “Dad joke” after another.

    Message received, Chef. Message received.

  • jim bettridge says:

    Tip for y’all, use a cleaver and a wooden mallet to cut your squash, place
    the cleaver on the squash and smack the back with the mallet…easy.

  • livesimplifiedlife says:

    Great recipe, thanks John.

  • Seher Agarwala says:

    how are you so cute?

  • Christopher Richard Wade Dettling says:

    Nice …

  • Jeremy Borda says:

    awsome I want to eat squash again , that how my mom used too make emm

  • jackalqueen says:

    I use a rubbermallet to hammer the knife through the squash. Very easy and
    safe. This is a fantastic recipe and the cayenne is a nice touch.

  • 50hellkat2 says:

    And place it on a towel cuz….Chef John is experienced in knifery and most
    aren’t. Don’t want to be in emerg. reattaching a finger. just sayin.

  • 50hellkat2 says:

    Put the squash in the microwave for a couple of minutes or so and you can
    safely cut it and then put it in the oven. Otherwise Chef John has scored

  • Miss Judi says:

    Uhm…. PHOTO FIRST… THEN take a bite….??

    Just saying.

  • Tracey B says:

    this recipe is wonderful, been using it for 2 years now. the children don’t
    really care for vegetable so i am making the acorn squash for my daughters
    day school. ages 1-5. so we will see……… i bet they’ll love it!!! the
    only thing im doing different this time is no cayenne pepper and im using
    home made syrup that’s been jarred instead store bought!! yum!!!

  • John DeNicolo says:

    Hey John, A little dusting of Nutmeg at the end REALLY brings it up.

  • Sparkes says:

    I ate half with a spoon just with serving rice and caribou stew, it was

  • Sparkes says:

    Just done eating , I think this one is enough 4 servings, one in half was
    too much, for the taste, but it’s good , thanks again

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