Beef Satay Recipe – Thai-Style Grilled Beef Skewers

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  • ruben Goodliff says:


  • audubon crosby says:

    A thai would never, never ever use a peanut dipping sauce for beef, how do
    I know I have lived in Thailand for 39 years

  • Jim Morrison says:

    I am nothing if not tricky.

  • Platipus23 says:

    The trick is to steal one off of each skewer.

  • DR Dan says:

    How is it that I have to add every one of Chefs vids to my favorites list?
    Now I have to go about constructing various folders and sub folders within
    my favorites to organize this mess. However I will be traveling to the
    grocery for meat to give this one a try.

  • Art Hall says:

    Tried this last night along with the corn pudding recipe, but with an
    oddball variation that turned out wonderful. We got a late start, and after
    the marinating time, it got cold and dark outside so we decided not to fire
    up the grill. So we did the little meat strips in a sauce pan. The idea was
    to put each individual strip on a little bamboo skewer and finish them over
    one of those little hibachi grills like comes in the middle of a pu-pu
    platter. But since there was that good “stuff” left in the pan, we made
    gravy to dip the skewers into. Came out amazing.

  • adi jaya says:

    Love satay ❤️ chicken, lamb and beef

  • arhi yuri says:


  • Kas Qat says:

    It’s an Indonesian dish as well (since the two countries and mush of SE
    Asia share a strong history). Mainly made with cubed chicken breast. Best
    part of the chicken is keeping a little bit of chicken skin on the breast
    here and there, and so when you cook it (traditionally on open coals) it
    crisps a little and you get a little yummy surprised. <3 Best served with
    the peanut sauce, some fresh white rice, and a fresh vegetable dish.

  • csufjeff says:

    Very Nice..People need to know the square skewers work better than round
    bamboo. The meat rolls..but you know that. Thanks for the video…Cheers

  • Vee Satayamas says:

    It looks similar to what I ate in Jakarta, and looks very delicious.

  • Frank Grimes says:

    This guy puts emphasis on words or wrong syllables that do not need
    emphasis It is miserable to listen to him describe the recipes.

  • Winkie Man says:

    bet this would work well with my Ronko, rotisserie.

  • Concepcion Manfredi says:

    me cabrea porque no lo entiendo

  • Abdelhak Chaker (Rocker) says:

    I feel bad for vegetarians

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