Chef Ramsay Cooks for Cambodian Royalty – Gordon’s Great Escape

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  • Jangus Roundstone says:

    Did he say that woman’s name was Katana? That’s actually pretty badass and
    yet sounds rather beautiful to use for a name.

  • The Interesting Nobody says:

    Cook for Pol Pot.
    (I’m sorry. I had to.)

  • GamingOnABudgetGuy says:

    “You look like a pro!” A prostitute?

  • whtfkdoing says:

    love to see “LORD RAMSAY” sweat,struggle and power through

  • killer gummi bears says:

    my great grandma and grandpa were king and queen and my grandma was the
    princess it was around the khmer Rouge that they had to leave but her
    parents got killed in battle while running.

  • William Ingle says:

    watching this on 360p is like watching it in 720p on a potato LAGGG

  • Vota Dona says:

    royalty my ass. I’m Cambodian but I know none of them

  • dank jr says:

    if i a had a chef come from japan the last thing i would do is ask him to
    cook a hamburger these people are funny.

  • guillermo sanchez says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ramsey so worried about his cooking its
    honestly scary lol

  • chris musson says:

    With all of these videos of Gordon, I am always so amazed that everyone we
    see in the Asian world has a brilliant grasp of English. Obviously I know
    that English is an official language of most of these countries, but I
    would love if more people would begin trying to learn more foreign
    languages. Heartwarming. :)

  • Techn0taku says:

    “Lu Meng”?
    …Dynasty Warriors anyone? :3

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