Crispiest Apple Crisp Ever Easy Apple Crisp Recipe with Ultra Crispy Topping

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  • Weks Obordo says:

    Hilarious! 😄 and i love the recipe! Making this for my family later for
    new years eve! 🎉

  • Cory Mitchell says:

    this guy made me laugh a few times lol thank!

  • najatch79 says:

    Noooooooooooo we dont have grape nuts or what ever its called here in
    Holland…why God WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I NEED this Apple Crisp in
    my life, so is there anything i can replace the Grape nuts with?????????

  • marthacvd says:

    i added walnuts to the crisp and it came out beyond amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Marsh says:

    Instead of Grape nuts I used Nature’s Valley Chocolate granola. But the
    butter in the topping has to be cold. 😀

  • Matthew Campbell says:

    I substituted raw sugar in this recipe since I’m both a confirmed foodie
    and health nut. The only problem I came across while making this recipe was
    the caramelizing of the raw sugar. After heating the sugar for awhile I
    became impatient because it wasn’t reverting to the sauce like texture
    shown in the video which ultimately behooved me to learn about the science
    of sugar caramelization. The problem I finally realized was that I wasn’t
    heating the sugar on a high enough setting to allow it to essentially decay
    from the hard candy form to its subsequent sauce form. At last, I was able
    to properly caramelize the sugar and finish the recipe which was I must say
    Applicious! ;)

  • brad & tara says:

    I don’t know what I did wrong, but the topping was burnt at about 15
    minutes in a 375degree oven. Also, the topping was much more wet (kind of
    like cookie dough) than crumbly. It still tasted great though!

  • Zara Dittu says:

    any substitute for grape nuts other than granola?

  • Lakesha K says:

    I loved the…voice over was it? Idk but you sounded really cheery and
    casual, it made the video so enjoyable to watch. I am going to try this for

  • Pople BackyardFarm says:

    love the grape nuts in it.

  • mumbunguaable says:

    Sounds like Chef John channeled his inner Homer Simpson with apple candy
    piece he grabbed.

  • Rosemary Pereira says:

    Chef John, I iust simply love your recipes. Just finished baking the apple
    crisp and can’t wait to try it. Thanks a bunch Chef for your efforrs.

  • nouexx log says:

    lol “Mmm, accidental apple candy.”

  • Kirk Kelleher says:

    Oh yes I forgot to mention that, ” In Chef John Style ” , we did add just a
    hint of cayenne.

  • Kirk Kelleher says:

    Chef John this is a true hit. The Grape Nuts put it over the top. One bite
    of this and you will know that this is the recipe you have been looking
    for. My team and I are going to use this recipe in our next cook off .
    Thank you Chef for all your time and great ideas.

    When we tried this recipe we tripled the topping added a 1/4 teaspoon of
    salt to the crust for each single batch and used whipped cream on top. All
    of our tasters said this is a first place winner with one bite.

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