Food Wishes Recipes – Chicken Stock Recipe – How to Make Chicken Stock – Easy Homemade Chicken Stock

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  • Krzysztof Galas says:

    I make it. Best chicken stock ever :)

  • stuzaza says:

    will this work with tofu?

  • Arsène Lupin says:

    Strange that in Chinese cuisine. A cloudy soup (well Chinese describes it
    as a milky rich soup) is considered a desirable sign of a flavorful soup.
    All that fat and bone marrow being emulsified into the soup equals more

  • Metro Station says:

    its mainly blood in that scum

  • James Carlyle says:

    I just stole a whole bunch of coffee filters from work for this exact
    reason. Crossing fingers that it will make a noticeable difference.

  • Luke from Canada Ontario says:

    lol I put it through a coffee filter cause I thought it needed to be more

  • AtemusQueen234 says:

    Can you cook this in a crock pot?

  • Fudge Dunker says:

    can I put wine in my stock? Mine’s got another 5 hours to go and I want to
    use up a dog end of white wine

  • Björn Mundt says:

    At 1:50 – -the foam consists of proteins. It is removed just to get a nicer

  • Sebastian o says:

    Are 8 to 12 hours necessary?

  • Nighthunter says:

    Thank you for your time in producing this video.

  • Jonathan Cohen says:

    I love your videos – keep ’em coming Chef John! The only thing I’m not
    convinced about is the necessity for skimming. People vaguely talk about
    “impurities”, but who knows – maybe the scum contains all the goodness? Has
    anyone ever checked its chemical content? As a lazy chef who loves cooking
    but doesn’t usually bother to skim, I find the scum simply disappears after
    a few minutes and my consomme is as clear as anyone else’s. Can’t say what
    happens when making broth on a low simmer though, as I’ve not tried it yet.

  • ACHIEVEWN says:

    This video was so funny! so much fun to watch…and learn :)

  • Jim Griffin says:

    After decades (really – they go by fast) of making beef and chicken and
    veggie “broth” or “stock,” I tried this one.

    As my father scribbled on my shop wall, in faux German:

    “Zo zoon vee get olt; so late ve get shmart.”

    And he’s Irish. (or was!)

    Defrosted a bunch of 12 hr. quarts tonight and made a proper chicken soup
    from the stock. Fuck yeah.

    Thanks, CJ!

  • Porsche Stegall says:

    i love you so much chef john 

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