Ginger Pear Cranberry Sauce — Thanksgiving Holiday Cranberry Sauce Recipe

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  • PJ Tribble says:

    GdA…. Can I put a 1/3 of it in a food processor ( for those who don’t like whole berries)?

  • Xavier Jones says:

    that slow mo popping, LOL

  • Mel Mel says:

    I feel like, your food is what I would find at a fine restaurant and would cost allot of $$$.

  • Liz Karschner-Slone says:

    Hi Chef John…so it took some searching, but I got all ingredients…and though confused about having curry in a cranberry sauce, OMG this is amazing!!! I can’t wait for Thursday for everyone to try it.

  • Eyewanders Foto says:

    Chef John! I was absolutely prepared for you to say “You are the boss of your Bosc”!! What happened??

  • liltd87 says:

    lmao at the slo-mo cranberry sauce drop.

  • Nick D says:

    You had me at pear ginger

  • John G says:

    Dear Chef John,
    That green glass container is either high lead content or high in long half-life radioactive metal. I suggest you get it tested as after 2 days of content your food is 10x the yearly dosage for either of those toxigenic substances.

  • B Rock says:

    Chef John I love your recipes so I made this yesterday for Thanksgiving but I was not impressed.  The Anise and the garam marsala were overwhelming and completely hid the taste of the cranberries.  Someday somebody will invent ‘Taste-O-Vision so viewers can smell and taste the recipes before taking them on.  Thank goodness I had the canned stuff as a backup.  No worries – I’m still a fan.  Maybe somebody else has had a better experience or maybe their tastes are just more refined than mine.

  • Liliana Aguiniga says:

    I saw your video and your cranberry sauce looks really delicious I will try to make it for my family this year. Thank you

  • Veronika McDonald King says:

    You are the boss of your bosc

  • brinta19 says:

    What brand zester are you using?  I went and bought a zester after watching your fabulous video, but it doesn’t zest half as good as your zester does :-(. 

  • James Pham says:

    1:16 I was kind of hoping he would say ‘You are the boss of your bosc.’ A little disappointed…

  • Michael Plesch says:

    I’m all in! Thanks

  • Vivienne Lucy Nonis says:

    Hahahaha … 1:15 … “You are the Bosc”. Classic chef John.

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