Indian Spiced Egg Spinach Wrap | Gordon Ramsay

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  • AmericanMade says:

    A staple of French cooking is butter!! Everybody knows the French cook everything with butter – but ultimately it’s just a tool for the chef!

  • madmoiselle007 says:

    Can’t wait to try this 😋

  • Sagnik Das says:

    paratha and naan bread not the same thing
    indian street food almost never uses butter
    the wrap may most definitely be tasty but it’s not indian (such a shame though)

  • meri says:

    I should have this meal too as a human being. why Gordon get to eat this again; shouldn’t he eat 1/4 of that instead?  I can’t even make that at home because the water doesn’t even rinse off soap/detergent completely or someone likes to pollute dishes, pots and pans or bad water. who want to consume horrible foods that harm healths; not me.  how sad of such horrible neglectful resource distribution on this planet


    I literally just ate this yesterday 😂

  • Catch me Inside says:

    Now gently add a whole pack of fuckin butter you cunt!

  • Legit MCA says:

    why am i watching this at 2:30 am im fucking starving now

  • luvguru says:

    you know your a stoner when
    you go on youtube and all you watch is food.

  • Andrew Hosford says:

    What was the name of the spice he used right before the turmeric? Looking for it on google, but not sure exactly how to spell it. 1:39. Garimisana or something like that?


    love u.. sir

  • Aryan J says:

    This guy uses more butter in one dish than I use for a good 2 weeks

  • Stephan Reichelt says:

    his “little bit” of butter is quite a bit…………

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