Torrone (Italian Nut Nougat Confection) – Great Valentine’s Day Treat

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  • Aramis Hodge says:

    And I just subscribed! I love cooking and adding things to current recipes
    and my friends ask how I make such dishes, and I simply reply…”Google and
    YouTube” lol!

  • stradnyc says:

    What if I add some milk with the making, is that okay or I will destroy the
    whole thing? Thanks!

  • LeBonheur16 says:

    perfetto .grazie mille chef.

  • EwwwwwGross says:

    Sounds like that high school science teacher you liked but always said the
    lamest dad jokes.

  • I'm Always Right. Everything I Say Is Fact. says:

    ohh my nuts are always warm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dave Shepherd says:

    Why do you lower your voice on the last word of every sentence you speak.
    This makes it very difficult to watch your videos, which I find to be very
    well done minus your voice acting. I’m not trying to be a dick, just
    offering you tips on how to make your videos more enjoyable.

  • Urs Mayer says:

    Real Turron is made in Xixona.GTFO

  • LLC MatreshkaYug says:

    Dear John!! thank you for the recipe! Already second time I’m doing
    according to recipe – and have my mix not hard. It is spreads !!! what I do
    wrong ??

  • Manda sonso says:

    No waste!! 🤤 EAT THE PLASTIC!!!!! 😬

  • MikiKiki says:

    I think I want to make this for my coworkers! But are they worthy? 🤔

  • lazypuddycat says:

    Where would you find the rice paper? I haven’t seen it anywhere…

  • Niko Obermayr says:

    In Austria, we call this “Türkischer Honig”, which translates to “turkish
    honey”. I never knew this was an Italian specialty, which surprises me
    because the Italian border is less than an hour away from where I live.

  • Woody Phillips says:

    *You are the Al Capone of your torrone.

  • Gilles Marin says:


  • rhymeandreasoning says:

    I slice mine up with a tiny buzzsaw easy :-)

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