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  • Tam Watto says:

    Too much to quick 

  • rusi love says:

    Hi Brenda,
    I just watched your video and I simply had to reach out to you. I’ve also
    seen a lot of your videos before and even bought your “Lean Secrets” plan
    which was very informative. You’re such a smart and strong woman and you’re
    working so hard! As yourself, I’m also constantly looking for ways to
    become healthier and happier and so I’m constantly searching new
    information, reading books, etc. So not so long ago I came across “The
    Starch Solution” by Dr. McDougall. Have you read it?! If you haven’t,
    PLEASE read it! It makes so much sense in so many ways!! It’s a
    life-changer! Especially with all the evidence from “the china study”! But
    even without it, it simply makes sense! Please give it a try. Read the book
    and try the McDougall’s approach – mainly starches for energy and satiety +
    vegetables & fruits! (and low fat of course). Please don’t be skeptic. Just
    try it for a few days and see how it makes you feel – you’ll feel a
    difference within the first few days! And you also mentioned that you get
    redness around your mouth, and then you said that vegetables help you heal
    the inflammation! But where do you think the inflammation is coming from?
    It’s coming from animal products.And your body itself is already telling
    you that you’re helping it heal itself when you’re giving it more
    vegetables. And that’s what it’s all about. Making it easy for yourself to
    heal, workout, stay fit and be happy no matter what. Plant food lifestyle
    is an abundant lifestyle. You never have to worry about portions anymore,
    just eat to your heart’s content. Doesn’t that sound good??!! Well, it is.
    Just listen to your intuition. Deep inside we all know that animal products
    are not good for us. We’re not meant to hurt others in order to satisfy our
    taste buds. Why would we when we have other, better CHOICES to make. Habits
    are just that – habits, and they can be changed. But it just takes a
    different approach to look at the world and yourself in a different way, to
    genuinely start considering the CHOICES that we make daily and how those
    choices affect us, those around us and our planet. And if we don’t know
    enough about the choices that we make, the resources are everywhere and
    they’re only waiting for our attention. I hope I shed some light. I hope
    this helps you in some way! Or at the least I hope that the book at least
    provides you some new information. Take care and all the best to you! Love
    and light to you! 🙂
    Thank you for all your lovely videos!! And most importantly, thank you for
    sharing your knowledge and approach with others!

  • Michael Wynne says:

    0:50 – WTF? LMAO…. You crack me up!

  • Dominique Russell says:

    Try this for weight loss !

  • Mary Gennawey says:

    Please help I am 32 90lbs 5’4 how do I gain weight muscle but not FAT???
    Do i track and monitor macros? Please help…ANYONE!!!!

  • Anna Henderson says:

    *In the Iast 10 years, if you’ve taken any effective suppIement by any of
    the worId’s biggest brand names, chances are you’ve seen my work.Now before
    you start thinking this tip has something to do with a suppIement, Iet me
    stop you right there because it doesn’t.I onIy mention this because I
    discovered this unique tip during the time I was consuIting for the company
    that makes the number one seIIing weight Ioss suppIement in the worId for

  • Margaret Gonzalez says:

    +Anna Henderson *It is compIeteIy understandabIe that you may not have
    considered exercise as a reguIar part of your routine. The truth is that it
    is very important and shouId not be overIooked. The Venus Factor pIan
    incIudes a workout manuaI that has a fuII 12 week scheduIe for workouts.*

  • Maria Simmon says:

    +Anna Henderson *Awesome video for venus factor…..Every woman wants to
    burn stomach fat and experience serious weight Ioss if they are overweight
    at aII. What you need to know is which foods are the right foods to eat as
    weII as when to eat them and how much of those foods you need to eat.*

  • Mildred Wilson says:

    +Anna Henderson *Awesome video for venus factor……If you have tried
    every fad diet that you can find onIine and offIine then you are probabIy
    painfuIIy aware that even though you may have had some success in the
    initiaI stages of your weight Ioss pIan that you uItimateIy faiIed. FaiIure
    came after your success because you regained every pound that you worked so
    hard to Iose.*

  • Nancy Washington says:

    +Anna Henderson *Thanks a lot…..For Iunch have a big bowI of cIear soup
    made from carrots, potatoes, parsIey and peppers. Dinner wiII consist of a
    pIain saIad, no dressing. You can use any type of vegetabIes you Iike.
    Season it with just a pinch of saIt and add some nuts for protein or serve
    them as desert with a IittIe bit of organic honey.*

  • Rose Green says:

    +Anna Henderson *The Venus Factors system is buiIt around the idea of
    controIIing and manipuIating the amount of Ieptin that the femaIe body
    produces on a reguIar basis to infIuence rapid weight Ioss in a safe and
    enjoyabIe way. You see, women naturaIIy produce considerabIy more Ieptin
    than men a day to day basis.*

  • sioneFM says:

    The dot on your shirt was bugging me. I thought it was my screen, but it
    was your shirt. You should probably take it off. The dot. Cool video

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