POP CARDIO: Fat Melting Routine

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  • Jessica j says:

    I’ve been trying to master this workout and I’ve actually made progress but
    the problem is is that I stopped and I didn’t do this video for like a
    month and now while I’m attempting it I got hired at two minutes so that
    just shows you don’t keep up with the workouts when you to do it again
    you’ll be huffing and puffing like I’m doing right now so hopefully I get
    back on the right track and get back on daily so that the next time I do
    this I feel I don’t feel like I’m about to die of exhaustion like I am now

  • Anjelica Allred says:

    Girls, I want to share the experience of how to lose weight quickly +Emilie

  • Olivia D'Andrea Brooks says:

    Holy smokes. Just did this for the first time in months four times through
    (I skipped burpees because I have a wrist injury) and OMG sweat is dripping
    off my face. DRIPPING! I had planned to do 30 minutes of abs today too but
    I think I am going to skip it. I have been eating clean now for a week and
    am doing 90 days so I make it a life style. If anyone wants to know how I
    am doing or wants to motivate me or go on a fitness journey with me comment
    below and thumbs up if you are sweating hard!

  • Darina Kyul says:

    this is my fav ever cardio routine srsly

  • Gisele C. says:

    I want to eat clean but my family isn’t very healthy. Just yesterday
    morning we had Macdonalds for breakfast and today, we had fried chicken for
    lunch. I tried persuading them into clean eating, telling them about my
    healthy lifestyle but they just don’t care. I don’t want to starve so I
    always eat what they buy/prepare. I feel like all my workouts are going to
    waste and I just feel terrible. Tips anyone?

  • Olivia D'Andrea Brooks says:

    Time to get to work for back to school. I didn’t get the “summer bod” this
    year but im totally going to get my winter bod on!

  • Bugzpudding says:

    How many calories does this burn? About?

  • shineeshwl5 says:

    yes i did 4 times!!! thank you cassey for pushing me along!! :D

  • Madi 1 says:

    My neighbors watched me do this through their window facing my front
    yard… awkward!

  • GummyBear4234 says:

    Oh my gosh, I just did a pushup! I have NEVER been able to do one before.

  • Mariam Khalid says:

    Omg i just did the wrong video! Now i have to do 4 more from the callendar

  • newstar777 says:

    Do you mean 4times in a day or week? :)

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