Why a Low-Carb Diet Isn’t Better for Fat Loss

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  • High OnFruit says:

    It’s likely the case that those whom have eaten so poorly that they have
    induced a state of insulin resistance (hypothyroid/ pre-diabetes/ diabetes/
    metabolic-syndrome…etc) are not able to handle high carb, high sugar
    diets. In these cases it might be advantageous to restrict carbs until a
    healthy weight can be achieved. Still I think that full-on ketosis is
    overkill. Believe it or not, most of the population following the SAD have
    yet to induce these significant forms of metabolic damage. Therefore, most
    of the population should NOT venture into Ketogenics, or restrict carbs.
    Carbohydrates are your body’s preferred energy source, and if you are not
    insulin resistant, you should certainly be eating a higher carb diet. If
    you workout regularly or are an athlete it is even more crucial to be
    consuming carbs for weight loss and optimal performance. The human body was
    designed to run off of glucose. If you haven’t fucked it up fuel your body
    with as much fresh fruit, veg and starch as you can. Limit or eliminate the
    consumption of animal products and refined foods and opt for a Whole foods
    plant based diet that is low in fat (all oils). I eat a high-carb low-fat
    vegan diet of 3,500-4000+kcals/day [85-90% Carbs, 5% Fat, 5-10% Protein]
    and with minimal exercise, I am maintaining a slim lean physique. It’s not
    a miracle, its how our bodies are designed to work.

  • Dillon Turner says:

    So how many grams of carbs per body weight would you recommend? 

  • G. Haukur Guðmundsson says:

    His logic is based on what he wants to believe and cherry picking results,
    studies and being against something very efficient. Saying that low carbing
    sucks kinda proves that.
    As a healthcare professional I work with a lot of physicians and they are
    realizing now that low carb diets actually are much more beneficial for our
    modern day health problems than anything else tried before, it’s being
    recommended for many types of cancer, type II diabetes (and even type I
    diabetes in some cases), lowering VLDL (bad cholesterol), alzheimer’s and
    dementia as well as general sustained fat loss.
    To be on a crusade against something implies that you find it threatening
    in some way. Just because your healthy balanced diet is good (according to
    yourself) and helps a lot of people to get the physical results they want,
    it is irresponsible to crusade against something else which actually has a
    potential to help with more than “just” looks.
    I was against low carbing as well until I actually studied all the science
    behind it I get get my hands on, not just the studies I could find to
    support against it. Of course there is a flaw with EVERY study and that
    should always be taken into account, but if you’d discard every study that
    had some kind of a flaw in it you’d discard every study ever made.
    Having tried low carb for some time now I agree that after a week my
    performance got worse at the gym, but within a month it was actually way
    better than before, as it takes time to get adapted to use ketones as fuel.
    So the “practical way” he suggests for people to feel how wrong it is is a
    misleading self fulfilling prophecy.
    What low carb high fat diet actually has done for me apart from loosing
    weight and gaining strength is that it naturally suppresses hunger so I
    don’t have to fight myself every day like I did before to eat within a
    healthy range of calories, and I eat much less protein than you suggest,
    about 1 gram per kg of body weight or less and sometimes slightly more,
    that’s about half of what you suggest and claim the studies did wrong.
    Please keep on promoting healthy living, but why spend your energies to
    fight against something that is also healthy? That is like a straight
    person fighting against same sex marriage because he or she doesn’t want it

  • Sawdwd Bqwfqaf says:

    FALSE INFORMATION AND OPINION. Bro i climb at a high level and lift HEAVY
    weights once a week plus occasional sprints. I can assure you i climb at a
    high level after weeks of 50g of carbs a day! In fact if i do a carb refeed
    day (lots and lots of carbs) then i climb WEAKER the following day. Same
    goes for lifting and sprinting. I climb FASTED after weeks of 50g carbs a
    day and SHMURDER THAT ISH!! You just need to adjust so that your body can
    burn fatty acids through ketosis!…………. Overall though you could do
    a carb backloading type diet, eat your carbs daily, and get just as good
    results. But a high carb diet throught the day is just asking for insulin
    resistance! Unlessss……. you have amazing genes like the guy who made
    this video. People who are ripped no matter what they eat fail to recognize
    their kickass BLESSED genes they have been given!

  • Steve Minto says:

    Why would you look better when your muscles are full of water? Isn’t the
    desired look to be “dry”?

  • Khaly Angel (Official) says:

    LOW CARB IS AWESOME!! SPEAK FOR URSELVE!! What tha fuck… my entire group
    went way down on BF with low carb diets and u say this?? FUCK THIS SHIT!!
    Low ur carbs… AND STILL EATING WELL….everything is gonna be fine!!
    DAMMMN…. these theories ARE SHIT….. REALITY TALKS LOWDER!!

  • Taina Matei says:

    I am 195lbs and I think eating 195 gram of protein is too much and it would
    cost more money. I stay around 80grams to 100 in a good day, can someone
    give me their input on this.

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