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  • Carolyn Pearson says:

    I will try.

  • Mj B says:

    Hi Megan! Can you post the recipe to the smoothie in your juice vs.
    smoothie recipe? :)

  • patty 8873 says:

    Is there a reason two of the recipes use water and one uses almond milk?

  • Catherine “Kate” Francisco-Sarmiento says:

    thanks for this. i will sure make this one.

  • Amy M says:

    New subscriber from Ellie and Jareds channel :)

  • sakia d says:

    I use this protein powder 😊 but I only use 1 scoop the directions say 2
    but I don’t like the taste w 2 love it w frozen banana almond milk cinnamon
    and peanut butter yummm

  • Skilletmasterflex says:

    I would love to try that protein powder. But is it manufactured in the same
    facility as peanuts and tree nuts? we have nut allergies and that makes
    healthy protein powder essentially non-existant for us :(

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