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  • Abigail Howse says:

    Do a dinner video or like yummy side dishes like for ex. salad or roasted

  • Angie Campos says:

    thank you so much my mom and I have just decide to go gluten free and this
    video helps a lot on ideas

  • Dana Birrittella says:

    I just made the strawberry banana smoothie and it was delicious! Except I
    used strawberry yogurt instead because I don’t have coconut yogurt(:

  • Naixin says:

    Do you have any before and after pictures, or a weight loss story?

  • Flannibal says:

    Are your dishes really big? or they just seem big on camera? it’s just that
    they seem quite big, but I guess they are very shallow? I don’t understand
    otherwise how such big plates can contain such small amount of calories?
    specially the oats, they look like a lot :(

  • Emilie says:

    hmm, i never feel that i get full when i drink smoothie for a meal :/ any
    tip except adding fat, cause im kinda scared of fat :/

  • Jen Lambie says:

    “Rocket” in Oz

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