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  • Megan Mc Donnell says:

    I’m vegan but I’m gonna make this for my family

  • Julie Noel says:

    can you imagine the chicken strips as a wrap with pita bread or whole wheat
    tortilla. or the last one as an egg roll. pun: don’t be chicken to try
    these tasty recipes

  • Mind Over Munch says:

    oh my goshhhhh CHICKEN FINGERS!!!! Can we please make these next time I see

  • irene duval says:

    Looks amazing and super easy! Thanks for the great recipes!

  • Big Money's Life says:

    Hi Sara, would mesquite seasoning work with the chicken fingers in the
    dredging station?

  • Sarah Loves says:

    Haha my add just kicked in…I just made the stuffed bell peppers in that
    were in the intro and I’m enjoying them right now. Ok now onto the actual
    video I’m watching 😂. Oh my that pineapple chicken looks so good.

  • Amendo P says:

    I thought of crushing ranch croutons to use as breadcrumbs does that work?

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