3 Healthy Spring Salad Recipes

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  • YessiElena says:

    Can you PLEASE do some healthier dinner recipes for someone who isn’t big on vegetables or fish? It’s hard when you want to be healthy but your taste buds literally hate anything healthy. 😅

  • sweetshea1310 says:

    Hey lovely! I love your recipes, you make eating healthy delicious and adventurous 💕😘

  • TheDenisedrake says:

    LOVE seeing the salad dressings. I’m trying to break my addiction to bottled salad dressing. Hoy!

  • Julia Vasiliu says:

    I always enjoy your bubbly personality, your sweet smile and last but not least your amazing food. I am saving this video bc. we eat healthy around here and I am hoping I can convince my stubborn kiddos to eat some leaves. 🙂

  • Yaqui Yaqui says:

    I do not like any oil in my salads what can I use for my dressing

  • iSTANBULtrbe says:

    what can I use for vinegar instead of wine vinegar ?

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