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  • jennfl30 says:

    Can’t wait try these! They all sound amazing! Also, congrats on hitting
    200K subscribers! 🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗

  • Desi Karas says:

    Loved this video!! :D

  • Teese chick says:

    Just noticed you made it to 200K subscribers! Congrats.

  • Karen Perez says:

    These look so yummy!! I can’t wait to try them. Thank you for sharing them!!

    I’m wondering if you have any vinaigrette sesame dressing recipes? to put
    on asian Cabbage salad. I’m trying to find one that’s all fresh ingredients
    like yours in this video 😉

  • Angelia Smith says:

    I can’t have cashews what would you recommend as a substitute?

  • Cheryl S says:

    your so close to 200k ! <3

  • Bea M says:

    As always, your creations are awesome!!! I recently discovered that I’m
    allergic to soy, legumes, and nuts. If you’re open to the idea, will you
    create a recipe or recipes that include substitutions? Thank you!

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