How To Make Overnight Oats | 4 Easy Healthy Recipes

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  • Amy de la Bruere says:

    Thank you so much! I am just getting back into eating oatmeal and your video was perfect!

  • citizenslang says:

    Where do you get those jars?

  • BitterGlitter says:

    This was right on time for me! I’m prepping some tonight! Love these ideas! I think I’d most like to try the blueberry lemon and the peanut butter apple pie!

  • Jennifer V says:

    you could do a banana/walnut oatmeal too…

  • Larissa G says:

    Have you got a recipe for oats on a paleo based diet? Would be so grateful 🙂 All your recipes look so delicious 😍😍

  • anum089 says:

    so glad you made this! I just tried overnight oats for the first time this morning and now I have 4 new ways to try! great video as always Dani! 🙂

  • vanina prats says:

    Dani I love your channel!!!! We are entering autumn here, so I will make this recipes and warm them in the microwave

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