How To Meal Prep – Ep. 1 – CHICKEN (7 Meals3.50 Each)

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  • Gary Plunkett says:

    nice vid. is it safe to re-heat these meals tho even after 7 days in the microwave?

  • S Dogan says:

    Are they get the meal in the fridge ??

  • John Yoo says:

    Hi, I do boxing everyday. I just want to maintain my weight from now on & want to fuel my self up about like 2,3 hours before boxing. So, is this going to be a good dinner (meal) for me ???

  • Rebeca Rodriguez says:

    the meal pre is for 2 people for 7 days 0r 1 person for 7 days you showed

  • Benjamin Wright says:

    This looks like the perfect meal for me but I’m always on the road at work and can’t re heat meals, do you freeze all 7 meals during the week?

  • Bhanwar SIngh says:

    loved the video. subbed

  • Kari Sevre says:

    I love your video’s FCC! So glad I came across your channel! I’m 39 days into my weigh loss journey and I found meal prepping is one of the best things to keep me on track! Keep the meal preps coming! 🙂

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