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  • isra ejaz says:

    How long do 

  • arminaklien alano says:

    Hi! What is the exercise for arm fat? Because i have an arm fat problem and
    i need to solve this problem. 

  • Elizabeth Venska says:

    not sure if this work out killed me or revive me.

  • Karina Casanova says:

    2 and a half years ago I had my baby…. So I lost my waist now is more
    thick… I heard that we have to make cardio to burn fat cause if we start
    with abs that gonna make it hard and as it is getting bigger our waist
    gonna came more thick and that’s not what we want-…. So my question is if
    I do this routine you think my waist gonna be thick or small

  • tanveer ul haq says:

    My lower bellly is sooo poppy as m pregnant …. ttied many exercises but
    its taking soo long dt i giveup … i dunoooo m just 25 though i hav 2 kids
    n i was perfectly maintained but suddenlyyyy it started popping ….
    suggest me d best n quick exercise plzzzzz

  • Sarah Jenny says:

    I think my belly really doesn’t like me anymore now… Thank you so much
    for this very much needed fat burning workout!!! :)

  • Tatiana H says:

    I actually almost made it…yay!

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