Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss – Cardio and Abs Workout

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • Lamarcus Hawkins says:


  • Misty Bourgeois says:

    Love reading all the success stories with this video. Gives me hope. I
    started my weight loss journey in March of this year and I’ve done great
    with great results. I was 223 when I started and after 10 weeks had lost 50
    pounds. But then things started to slow wayyyy down. I’m down to 167 and
    though happy with my weight loss…far from done. I have the curse of the
    mommy belly and I’m really struggling to get it toned at all. I’m stuck.
    I’m hoping adding this work out to my routine will help. :D

  • Rurhie Young says:

    Omg! I need help? ..I weigh 197 lbs. and I’m only 5ft. 4″ tall. I have a
    junk food addition and I’m over 40 years of age. I have high blood
    pressure, and I love eating potato chips, butter pecan ice cream, and my
    chocolates; it doesn’t matter so long as it’s: “Milk Chocolate!” My point
    is: My body is out of proportion. It needs toning and my belly is way! Too!
    Large..I look terrible in my clothes, due to my tummy; in fact; if one
    didn’t know me, he/she would probably think that I was one with child.. And
    I also think that I suffer with an eating disorder; I think that I’m a
    binge eater?! But, I’m not sure. I find myself; eating uncontrollably!
    Even, if I’m full! I’ll eat until I’m satisfied; and then when it’s time
    for me to lay down and sleep, I’m awakened from my sleep, gasping for
    breath because I’ve eaten way! Too! Much before laying down; can someone
    PLEASE! HELP ME??????

  • Rurhie Young says:

    Awwwww!!!! Thank you so much! I appreciate all of your help. And thanks for
    being so concerned as well! I’m going to try these healthy diets that
    you’ve recommened and again, I thank you so, much!!!!! God bless!

  • Julie Bongartz says:

    I would suggest just throwing out ALL of the unhealthy foods you have and
    make sure to only buy healthy things. You can also order your groceries to
    make sure you’re not buying anything you shouldn’t. I also suggest starting
    the day of right because you’ll find it much easier to keep on going. So
    for breakfast (definitely don’t skip meals) have something like half an
    avocado, tomato, cucumber (everything without oil but you can add salt and
    pepper if you’d like) or something like a vegan smoothie (no milk products)
    without soy just with fruit, squeezed fruit and almond/coconut/ any other
    not soy and not dairy milk. Don’t put any juices in the smoothie. For lunch
    something like a big salad with lots of veggies (not just greens but also
    red veggies etc) and then dinner a healthy curry with brown rice and again,
    lots of veggies (no cream/milk etc). Also, make sure not to consume any
    liquid calories, that means cut out ALL of the soda, bought juice (you can
    make juice yourself by squeezing out the juice from fruits but don’t add
    sugar or anything) etc. Only drink water and tea and try not to have any
    alcohol or coffee either. Try not to worry about calories, just make sure
    you’re eating healthy and enough and not skipping meals. As far as snacks
    go, have a piece of fruit or some vegetables or something. You can find
    plenty of delicious meals (try to have at least one raw meal a day) in
    vegan cookbooks, or on the internet. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t
    eat nice stuff, you could make vegan pancakes (squished banana instead of
    egg, almond/coconut/ any other not soy or dairy milk instead of milk, no
    sugar and there you have healthy delicious pancakes!) vegan waffles
    (basically the same ingredients as the pancakes) and so many more healthy
    delicious things!

  • Web Head says:

    First time doing this and I managed to make it through both rounds.
    However, I needed to take frequent breaks and I couldn’t perform each and
    every exercise properly. Is this bad? Will I improve over time, or should I
    switch to another workout?

  • Jobert Luce says:

    One word…. FATALITY!!

  • Lonely Potato says:

    I weigh 104.5 pounds and im at a stage where i like my body fat just not my
    belly fat 🙁 if i do this will i lose weight all around my body?

  • Ginger Dallin says:

    Successfully made it all the way through! One question, does anyone know
    approximately how many calories this burns? I like to keep track of my
    calories (what I eat compared to what I burn) and I’m terrible at

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