High Carb Vegan Vs. Low Carb Paleo Diet – THE TRUTH

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  • Jonathan Ⓥ says:

    Hey Guys, I recently compiled a list of studies for vegan/vegetarian/meat
    diets. Please feel free to use it in your future videos.

  • Roman Mikaelson says:

    Snakker du Norsk eller Dansk?


  • Jon Venus says:

    +Roman Mikaelson ja

  • Julian Castillo says:

    Jon do you think you can text me real quick i have some questions about
    working out im 15 years old my number is 1 703-972-2013 thanks 

  • Jon Venus says:

    +Julian Castillo watch my video, working out for teens

  • Farmácia Bioquímica USP says:

    Great video! You guys should work together. You two are like the Twin
    Brothers, completing each other, but without all the bullshit.

  • Pastor Gains says:

    I’m gonna start eating some carbs so I can start making allkindzofgainz…
    All kindzzzzzz!!!!!!

  • Hanna J says:

    Very interesting video!
    It only makes sense to get the majority of your calories from carbs. Every
    civilization was or is based on planting and harvesting some kind of carb
    source. In Asia it’s rice, in Europe and North American grains like wheat
    or rye, in Africa millet and South America it’s potatoes. Fat and protein
    used to be scarce but I dare to say that people’s diets used to be
    In general I also think that eating with common sense will keep you
    perfectly healthy as far as nutrition goes. If you eat mainly whole,
    unprocessed food, there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself a treat
    every once in a while.

  • Vegan Vixen says:

    Judge by results, not by theory!

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