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  • Corinna Shaw says:

    Paleo is not a no carb diet. That’s Atkins. You can combine the two, but don’t mislead people by telling them that paleo is a no carb diet. It’s not even a low carb diet. The general recommendation for paleo is 1/3 plate meat and 2/3 veggies. Sounds like you did this horribly wrong.

  • Nicole Moreno says:

    Technically the fruits and veggies have carbs especially sweet potato or squash …what your body was screaming for was MORE sugar. The fact that you majorly gut out processed sugars like bread or carbohydrates  ( psst some bread has added sugar)   You need to basically give your body time to “detox”  which may take weeks.. Watch the sugar Documentary… If you cut grains out of your diet you’re basically cut 3/4 of your daily sugar.. your body was fiending for the amount it usually has. Just like  any one going from 7 cups of coffee a day down to one , your body would hate it . We have pleasure seeking bodies and sugar hits that pleasure sensory of the brain your brain just wanted a fix ..haha

  • Gina says:

    Paleo isn’t for everyone, but it’s good that you tried it and was able to find that it didn’t work for you! I personally love paleo and feel so much more energetic than when I was slaying sugar treats on the daily. Thanks for the vid!

  • tinymozarts says:

    You have to eat a lot of healthy fats to make paleo work. Fry up your veggies in lots of coconut oil, eat at least half an avocado every day, don’t trim the fat off your meat etc. Paleo switches your body to burning fat instead of carbs. If you also don’t have fat to burn, then yeah, you’re going to feel pretty bad.

  • Extr Extr says:

    Early humans

  • joel h says:

    I eat a paleo diet and from what you said, i think why you had so much problems and cravings is because you were lacking fat in the diet. In this entire video you never mentionned fat. the meat is only second to fat. Our ancestors ate a lot of saturated fats, mosts of the meat they commonly came from megaphona who’s meat was around 50% fat.

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