Paleo Diet Studies Show Benefits

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Learn why much of what you have been told about weight loss is a lie and what to do about it....

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  • Earthling Carl says:

    Brill stuff!

  • Spoo Rin says:

    More evidence humans should NOT be eating meat-dairy-eggs. No surprise!

  • i don't know says:

    Watching this eating beans yay

  • Jill McKeever, Simple Daily Recipes says:

    *screaming like Beatles fan “I LOVE YOU!” I learn so much and laugh; it’s a
    perfect way to use my time online.

  • Bert says:

    +Eat Food Not Animals
    Pesticides?? What do they do?? They banned chemicals in war they were so
    inhumane…..Food for thought??
    Weak vegans delete/flag replies……

  • W.J. Kelly says:

    I followed Dr. Greger’s advice, believed what he said, for 6 months.
    Totally vegan. Result: no change in my weight, a slight increase in my
    blood pressure. Went on a low-carb diet for the past 10 days. Result: lost
    10 pounds and lowered my blood pressure. Atkins, done right with plenty of
    non-starchy veggies and some nuts and berries, has been proven over and
    over again to be the most healthful diet. My own experience, after having
    been on and off of it many times, underscores its safety and efficacy. I
    guess people like Dr. Greger can find studies to support anything they want
    to promote.

  • karbsundance says:

    Click bait title – Dr. Greger Style ;-)

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