Pete Evans – ‘The Paleo Way – Putting It All Into Practice’

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  • janelle churchward says:

    you still need to supplement whether you eat healthy or not. Due to the continuous mineral loss in the soils the plants are not getting them all. Plants only need 3 to grow and human body requires 60 minerals which is the lions share. If you do not supplement it will only be a matter of time before something goes wrong. Dr Wallach discovered all of this decades ago that the body requires 90 essential nutrients everyday just to thrive and survive. food alone is a fools errand. You are right people need to start looking at what they are eating as there are 12 bad foods that should not pass anyones mouth.

  • Dain Tree says:

    Way to go _ the health benefits for me have been enormous Low carb High Fat eating has reduced my weight by 30 kilos in 8 months.  Never hungry, blood pressure is now normal, pre diabetes has disappeared and look years younger.  Taking 80% less medication.  Have stopped eating all processed foods.  This type of eating was recommended by my dietitian prior to me investigating Pete Evans Paleo way.  Pete has just reinforced my new lifestyle and it is a change to my lifestyle and not a diet.  Way to go Pete.  You are also a wonderful chef.

  • Tobacc0 says:

    Just watched SBS do an appalling hit piece on Pete. Meanwhile, the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) webpage is telling me fat makes me fat so I should eat a high carb diet. The medical establishment is dangerously misinformed to the point of negligence.

  • Laurence Clifford says:

    Paleo is a great diet a lot of variety for you to eat and I have to say, if you know how to cook, the food is great, I never eat pasta, rice, or bread, everything is fresh and nothing is processed. Couldn’t live a more healthier way. I have a delicious bone broth for breakfast, heaps of bone marrow, n veg with a t spoon of turmeric every day yum.

  • MrEpicwong says:

    activated almonds lol

  • James says:

    ‘The paleo way’ The retard way’ Modelling your diet on people that were lucky to live to their 30’s. Some people are really stupid.

  • Andrew Glagau says:

    I believe in “NO Carbs” & “More Fats”.

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