The Paleo Diet Delusion: Paleofantasy’s Marlene Zuk on Dietary Myths

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  • rolx losdx says:

    two things.
    1. if this is saying paleo is wrong simply because of its extremism and
    lack of addressing our evolving to consume other things in combination then
    that automatically means being Vegan is just as bad and delusional
    2. this fails to address the fact, while in its condescending tone, that
    the human gut evolves at a million times the rate of the rest of the
    species. there are more and more people born with gluten allergies when it
    was once rare, and other predispositions for carb based energy sources.

  • astridaiko says:

    I will not accept this critisism of the paleo lifstyle! I love my bacon and
    eggs cooked in butter every morning too much for that. Potatos and lentils
    are toxic, but cholesterol never harmed anyone right. Tell me i’m right

  • SuperKoolBanana says:

    +astridaiko I am so relieved! sorry about that 😛 sarcasm does not come
    across well in text. I have a sister who is a paleo drone, and have very
    little time to second think a comment to them at the moment. But, yeah, if
    you go all paleo on us, my previous comment stands! 🙂

  • astridaiko says:

    +SuperKoolBanana Steady on don’t go bananas man! T’was only sarcasm!!

  • SuperKoolBanana says:

    +astridaiko No intelligent person will tell you your right buddy. What you
    have said is ignorant and plain stupid. People can cure multiple diseases
    with potatoes and lentils as the main foods in their vegan diet. Educate
    yourself, please.

  • Liya J says:

    the paleo community is actually pretty lenient when it comes to dairy
    tolerance, as well as reaping the benefits of modern living. regardless,
    when it comes down to it paleo is just “eating real food”, why are we
    bickering over minusha like dairy and legumes, when most of the world is
    still eating shit

  • Diego Sheish says:

    Point in case: nutriologists, biologists, biochemists, and anthropologists
    know more than yogis and marathon runners about human biology, so why
    listen to the latter?

  • Peter Njoroge says:

    +Diego Sheish hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover paleo diet
    benefits try Elumpa Paleo Eating Alchemist ( search on google ) ? Ive heard
    some amazing things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it.

  • Diego Sheish says:

    Ah, well said, I thought we were speaking of bodies not minds. But you’re
    right about that, I wouldn’t dismiss the knowledge of a yogi so lightly.

  • BarBarJinks says:

    Thank you for the reply Mr. Sheish. I certainly understand the concept of
    correlation does not imply causation. That’s first year psych stuff. I just
    believe that life is more than what the so called scientists tell us. You
    can measure many things, but can you measure the mind? I would humbly
    suggest a reading of Krishnamurtis book, The Awakening of Intellegence.

  • Diego Sheish says:

    I used to think that way about marathon runners years ago. I mean they can
    run a whole marathon, they have to know their stuff, right? Well, not so.
    Although they do sort of know what works for them, people can also make the
    assumption that correlation implies causation. They could have changed
    their diet while training for a marathon and they associated their natural
    progress with the diet change. They can make the assumption that because it
    worked for them it’ll work for everyone. Like a lactose intolerant person
    recommending everyone to be lactose-free, or people with celiac disease
    recommending a gluten-free diet, or people with epilepsy or diabetes
    recommending everyone low-carb. They know it did something good for them
    and assume everyone would feel it too, failing to realize, for example,
    that a weightlifter would benefit better with a high-carb diet, which would
    normally involve lots of (whole, if they care for their diet) bread. That’s
    why I’d trust people that are sure they’ve seen the results, because they
    are meassurable. A steady increase in elasticity, resistance, HGH, whatever
    you want is something you can meassure, and it isn’t something that you
    base solely on trust, if you’ve seen the result that 200 people out of 250
    people benefited from X thing, then you go ahead and try it. But not when
    it worked for one people and they have nothing to proove their statements,
    even if they truly believe it.

  • BarBarJinks says:

    I wouldn’t discount the knowledge of the Yogi so lightly.

  • cobramcjingleballs says:

    why is she trying to misrepresent what a simpler diet is all about? She
    makes the false comparison that the difference in our diet is over a span
    of 10,000 years. We aren’t even eating the same as what our grandparents
    did as children. We eat much less vegetables, much more meat. Our food is
    saturated with chemicals added to the food. Most of the food we eat is
    processed thoroughly. Most of the vegetable matter we do eat comes from
    GMO sources, like corn, sweet potatos, soy, etc. Even grains are somewhat
    genetically modified have been created by soaking the seeds in chemicals a
    few decades ago to come out with the most commonly used higher yield
    grains. Yay science.

  • DJShearer says:

    Why slate a diet that promotes healthy eating? The paleo diet pretty much
    saved my life, grains, sugar, processed high carb foods are killers, we all
    know that, paleo is just a name for a diet that promotes optimum health.

  • DJShearer says:

    No one who promotes the paleo diet insists that a large quantity of meat is
    consumed, it’s mainly about sticking to the foods we have evolved to eat
    over millions of years, removing everything that was put into our diets
    during the agricultural revolution. What you’ve said there about grains is
    incorrect, look for a book called ‘Grain Brain’ by Dr David Perlmutter, all
    about how grains have a negative effect on the human brain.

  • Huilin Fang says:

    Paleo has several good guidelines, but there are controversial parts. One
    can simply cut down high processed carb foods and sugar, which are proven
    to be unhealthy in various researches done in decades. As for grain, a lot
    of researches done show that grains are very beneficial to health in
    various ways (for mood or cancer, for example). You might not be able to
    tell if it’s not eating grain that plays a part in your health improvement.
    A large intake of meat may be a risk for cancer or kidney failure. Paleo
    is yet to be proven to be a sustainable diet , since there’s no real
    research done on a large enough sample size run in a longer time duration.

  • Indio Side says:

    If you look at paelo diet videos, they all try to sell it to you. Fad diet
    with some validity.

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