The Paleo Diet OFFICIALLY DEBUNKED: Robb Wolf Exposed

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  • The Oddest Vegan Couple says:

    What a fantastic video! A vegan’ hole in one’ for the whole world to see.
    The truth is bubbling to the surface thanks to your good works.

  • tamcon72 says:

    What you did to RW in the intro was very Basement Jaxx *Where’s Your Head
    At* : ) You really pulled out all the stops with the research on this one,
    and examined his arguments objectively, and I am in awe. Still fun and
    funny–18:18 was bloody genius–but full of serious rebuttal, too. Thank
    you so much for all the work you did on this. Now, please stop making
    asides about being stupid or slow–it’s so obviously untrue : )

  • Nick D says:

    Great video ! Man that must of taken a long time to make. Keep videos
    coming very entertaining. Plant based diet is best, the science is

  • Mark Edwards says:

    lol great stuff

  • kal dim says:

    very good video ,keep it up

  • Veggiesaurus Flex says:

    Paleo Dieter: … He’s 25 LMAO

  • Vegan Xen says:

    awesome video man! great job!

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