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  • Xhellhounds says:

    I want to win for giveaway

  • MrMetalBurrito says:

    Paleo diets are bullshit. How often do you guys think cavemen ate meat?
    I’ll tell you: not often. you have any idea how hard it is to kill a cow
    when you’re not farming them? they’re weren’t the dumb animals they’ve been
    domesticated into. also, “no carbs” is retarded. if I’m a caveman, I see an
    apple or some nuts, I’m gonna fucking eat them.

  • damian sadorsky says:


  • TodayIsDead says:

    The “paleolithic” diet is not paleolithic in the slightest, and I highly
    recommend that you look into how obnoxious/bad organic farming truly is.

  • coreydolan says:

    you claimed there to be “no bull crap all organic”…isn’t bull crap

  • Mr44Fatman says:

    Good Luck Jeff “you can do-it”

  • Pride (Pride909) says:

    i can’t stand these “diests’ When there is no real proof paleo actually
    works lol, and better for you. Though i do want to try it one day for the
    hell of it.

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