What is paleo diet ? explain by shankar ( Part -1)

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  • Syed Akbar says:

    He is complicating the concept of paleo diet. These guys don’t even know to
    pronounce paleo (பேலியோ). He says பாலியோ. The concept is just imagine what
    the palaeolithic man would have eaten to survive and eat like him. it is as
    simple as that. for this you need not have to buy any book. For better
    knowledge google paleo diet and you will get ocean of articles.

  • Nachimuthu Nachimuth says:


  • Siraj Abdul Rajaak says:

    wow what a awareness … thanks Jackie

  • Vivek Maha says:

    It was very informative. Fitness channel in Tamil would be amazing. I wish
    to start one.

  • Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    Excellent buddy bro.. Useful..

  • Grace Charles says:

    good job. useful for the new comers

  • Senthazal Ravi says:

    முழுமையா போடுங்க ஜாக்கி

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