I’m Back Weight Watchers Meetings Missed you Stay Tuned

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  • Olga Garcia says:

    Missed you! You’re so genuine ❤

  • tammy ringer says:

    glad you are back… I have missed you

  • Librarygurl says:

    Thank you for posting again. I’ve been stalled and even gained a few
    pounds. I need to turn it around. We are all human and this happens. The
    secret is to take a breath and begin again.

  • Mm Cm says:

    So glad to see you back. Looking forward to watching your new
    videos. I definitely can relate to the struggle.

  • Terri Katers says:

    Glad you are back I am 61 and I have learned to not ever put off doing
    something you want to do because you are waiting to lose the freaking
    weight, don’t miss going to the beach or the party or being in pictures, do
    what you love and want to do.

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