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  • Sally May says:

    Sophie I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I keep things moving by
    eating soluble fiber. Stay away from non-soluble fiber unless you blend it
    in your bullet. I know you own ☝️ Careful with apples the peel is
    non-soluble so peel them first or blend in your bullet with peel. Google
    soluble vs non soluble fiber and it will set you straight. I no longer take
    meds and control my condition by diet alone.

  • Kat Smith says:

    Taking probiotics everyday and cutting out carbonated water with salt
    helped me, I used to be backed up all the time! For water I got a huge
    stainless steel water bottle and now I drink about a gallon of water a day,
    when I get bored with water I add some lemon or orange.

  • Kari Wagner says:

    Congratulations Sofia! You look great! my chiro swears by black liquorice
    tea. Not sure if that was in tea you already tried. I think i may have to
    give weight watchers a try. You are an inspiration😀

  • Dawn Bushman (genealotech) says:

    You look fantastic! Colace is a stool softener, vitamin B6 makes you
    urinate more, I don’t know if that would assist with your situation. I love
    watching you and your family, you are doing a great job!

  • Janet Meyer says:

    I had the same tummy issue on weight watchers too. Eventually (after about
    6 mos) my body adjusted. Good job on your weight loss!

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