Week 53, 54 55 Weight Watchers a New Year

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  • Dianne Vickers says:

    Did y’all doing SP now?

  • Flavina Chavis says:

    Just found your channel joined we last week first weigh in tomorrow can’t
    wait thanks for your ideas

  • Confessions of a Southern Weight Watcher says:

    So happy y’all are back!

  • 500Lb Journey says:

    Your lunch ideas are awesome. I finally found the Swerve and it was good.
    Definitely a cleaner taste!

  • schimpy1019ww says:

    Definitely agree with you ladies about Instagram! It’s so fun to browse
    and get new ideas or inspiration. It’s been a big motivator for me in my
    journey, if interested you can follow me schimpy1019ww I’ve found that I’m
    more accountable when I’m posting my pics! Keep up the great work!

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