Week 59 Weight Watchers the good and not so good.

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  • Darlene Akers says:

    Love you gals! I laugh at the hand jesters, I have a sister that talks with
    her hands, I told her one time I hoped she never fell off a cliff or she
    would fall calling for help ! Love the turtle idea, think I will get frogs,
    because I love frogs and I want to “jump” to get these pounds off. :)

  • Liz Cristiano says:

    love the glasses they look great on you! nice hair cut too

  • Fit and Fabuless Mama says:

    Great job ladies! Tagging you on Instagram so you can see the Big Mac
    Attack I made. Had no tomatoes and was awesome. I’ve made it twice since.
    The family loves it too. – Kim

  • Elena Herrera says:

    Congratulations on the progress!!!!
    Kelly, do you mind sharing your stats? Height, heaviest weight, goal weight.
    It’s super encouraging to me to know people’s numbers. It helps me find out
    where I should be.
    Thanks for everything you share on your videos. I love them!

  • Barb Bunton says:

    i love love love that turtle idea.You can do this. Can’t wait to see all
    the little turtles in your STAR cup. In my case I would need a larger
    container… I have about 27# to goal. Kim – Love the glasses and the hair
    and top – you are styling 🙂
    I am the same way.
    Water – I love the Jolly Rogers Cherry Water packets. I use probably about
    4 packets a day. I know that is not good.
    Exercise – I have a desk job (7-8 hours a day – during the week) I have a
    30 min commute to and from work. By the time I get home I am soooooo tired
    and I am NOT a morning person. So with that being said… what do you
    What would be awesome is if you would do a “Cook with me” video to show how
    you make the Big Mac Casserole.
    I absolutely LOVE the Baked Cheetos, but I can not keep them in the house..
    they are a huge trigger food for me.
    So Sorry for the Long Post 8-(

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