Week 61 Weight Watchers an Organized Kitchen

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  • Freedom In A Budget says:

    I feel you on the Valentine’s Day massacre one of my coworkers brought in a chocolate covered strawberries not only the day after Valentine’s Day but also the day after that!! 😫😫😫

  • BuildYourHome says:

    I had so much fun looking inside your pantry, fridge and freezer! Loved it! Loved it! Y’all inspire me ever week! Xoxo

  • makennnzieee says:

    Wow your fridge is far too beautifully organized haha and what do you make with all your extracts..you have so many…especially that huge bottle of lemon? Love some new ideas. And I love my vintage Pyrex too! I have that same print in the little butter dish :). Thanks for another great meeting!

  • Mandi Roxey says:

    Oooo I’m intrigued by your chip fresh saver things! I’ve never seen them like that. I always just use the old fashioned clips lol. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  • Imar5d says:

    You two just made my day! Sometimes, as sisters, we have to get creative with the name calling 😂!
    I started a jar last week with marbles for the lbs lost but now I have an overdraft! I lost 1.2 lat week so I moved a marble but I gained 1.8 this Friday 😢….. This is going to be an issue, math is not my thing 🤔

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