Week 62 Weight Watchers Planning

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  • The Rivetts says:

    Well done guys on your losses this week, Kelly, you are still losing girl, keep it up, “Stress is as Stress does” but you still managed to push them scales back a little, so brilliant work. I agree with you 100 % it is all in the planning, love the idea of the index cards, I may adopt this approach. As you know, this year has consisted of M&S meals for ease, however, I went to Iceland this week and I’m going to start cooking again, I really like the WW cookbooks I always purchase them. I also find if you make your own meals there tends to be more food for you SP. Have you found this?

    This week the topic in the UK is planning a shop, I’m having a good think on how I can find something for everyone, so I’ve been going to high end and low end supermarkets, just to see what’s out there. It’s been really great fun. Still no Trader Joe’s, but we do have Whole Foods stores 🙂

  • Nanbk1956 says:


  • Courtney Cox says:

    I love the 3-2-1 mug cakes with FF cool whip so much more than vita tops. And I learned about that from you! ❤

  • Helen Fortune says:

    Good tips ladies. Thank you!

  • Nancy Volke says:

    I love your videos!! I am always waiting for Sundays…😊

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