Week 63 Weight Watchers Physical Goals

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • KeriByte says:

    I did the same thing with the cookies this week. but it was the Mrs thinsters. they aren’t worth it, so tiny!!!

  • c2nah says:

    Love the new and improved added professional production stuff!

    One little request. Can you make the input level of the before/after music closer to a match with the voice input level? Currently the music level is alarmingly loud compared to the voice level. It’s like how commercials are twice as loud as the shows on TV sometimes.

    Anyway, love love love the vids. Your positive messages and encouragement is not only entertaining, but very inspiring for us. Even when you are struggling to stay on the rails, you have a plan to get back on track before the train wrecks and blows up.

    We are very proud of you both, and happy you are keeping your journey fun and real. Letting us all into your lives is brave. WW needs more members like you to help promote the program.

    Those Chips Ahoy’s are already gone now- right? If you have them still, DON’T you dare take one or two and pop ’em in the microwave for 5 seconds, followed by 10 seconds to calm down before removing and eating, or you might change your mind and eat them all. It really is like a magic trick. you would swear it is not the same cookie.

    I think Chips Ahoy is a below average, basic meh cookie at room temp. After someone taught me about heating them, they soften up and are like crack. You’ve been warned and tempted all at once.

    Do you ladies use a vacuum sealer? With just two of us in the house, it’s a must have for us to save on wasted food. It beats the chips bag sealers you have by a mile, since you can use it to seal the original bags airtight in a few seconds. takes the pressure off of us to finish a bag of most snack foods for much longer.

  • Beyond The Scale with Ree says:

    Thank you ladies for another great video! You guys are so inspirational and funny.

    My arms are my biggest challenge, especially my left arm. It is a whole inch bigger than my right one. I am weight training 3x week with my daughter. Hopefully as I lose fat, my muscles will start to show.

  • Tiffany Erickson says:

    Tone Every Zone by Leslie Sansone is a great toning workout video

  • Freedom In A Budget says:

    Arms are my biggest problem area too!

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