Week 64 Weight Watchers Loving What U Eat

Weight Loss Video v2

Want to lose some weight? Try these simple weight loss strategies to transform your body in 6 weeks

Learn why much of what you have been told about weight loss is a lie and what to do about it....

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5 simple weight loss tips that will have you shedding pounds starting this week.....

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Simple weight loss system is helping 1000’s to get in shape…..


  • Mary Torres says:

    Good morning ladies,  I just found your youtube channel last night and love it!!!!!!!  Now I’m power watching you both keep up the good work your both look great.  I lost 76 pounds on ww 10 years ago and with life’s crazy path I have gain 55 back and gave up on ww.  I know this is what works for me and I’m going back next week.  Thank you for what your doing.  Mary

  • T Dunning says:

    Which pasta do you use, how many points?

  • gbunnie1 says:

    Thank you for making these videos. I look forward to them . You are a hoot so motivating.

  • Belinda Taylor says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! I appreciate your vlog so much thanks!!

  • Barb Bunton says:

    What is the name of the fryer and do you know where is was purchased?
    Recipe for muffins please!
    Are you two lefties? I am.

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