Weight Loss Story | Before and Afters | Weight Watchers ?

Weight Loss Video v2

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  • understanding healthy says:

    You had me crying.. You said so much truth. Thank you for posting this. I
    am following you on IG. thanks for posting this and your meals :)

  • Amanda Navarro says:

    i just subscribe thanks for reminding me to pray to god not to lose weight
    but to ask for energy to keep going 💖

  • DeAnna Sowder says:

    Cristeen I just found this channel; I used to follow your vlog channel and
    missed seeing your videos! I have been on Weight Watchers for almost 3
    weeks and I’m 9 lbs. down today! I could NOT agree with you more, Weight
    Watchers is great! I do good with structure and this program is perfect for
    me! Way to go with your weight loss! Keep it up!

  • Kristy Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing!! I’m going to check your Instagram out. I need some
    motivation. If your looking for a workout to do the 30 day shred is great

  • TheBadhabits00 says:

    Weight watchers should have let you work with them but you are right it’s
    their business. You are an inspiration and didn’t start off skinny so we
    got to see the transformation which makes it believable

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