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  • Fransje Diekmans says:

    You girls look great! ! ❤

  • c2nah says:

    We really enjoyed today’s meeting! Missed you last week, but understand
    being sleep deprived.

    Lots of bright fresh faces, and some great input. Pumped me up!

    Looking forward to improving and learning more and more this year about
    being healthy in all facets, not only weight.
    The big milestones seemed to pose a little extra anxiety in me, but keep on
    turtling, and enjoy all the scenery the rabbits will miss going in BOTH
    directions (if you get my drift).

    I graduated from turtle to being a snail, which is where you will be next
    year. Maintaining still takes as much knowledge and cool tips as I can
    gather to make it more fun.
    I love that there is room to improve, and I am not worried so much as I was
    a year or two ago, but always mindful.

    Thank you for making it more fin and exciting with great attitudes, real
    life honesty, and willingness to share each of your journeys. Saturday can
    be a confessional or a blast, but it is about a fresh week, and all the

  • Laura L Vegan says:

    Good luck ladies!!!

  • Lilly Magnolia says:

    You guys look great! Good job!

  • Liz Cristiano says:

    Hi Just An FYI the Trader Joe’s Ciabatta rolls artisan beard are NOT 3SP
    they are 5SP ……

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