Weight Watchers Week 46 Weigh In – On My Way to One-derland

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  • Going for the Goal says:

    Woo hoo !! 2.6 is great ! My weigh in is on Thursday, I can’t wait to weigh
    in 😀

  • Jodi Clardy says:

    Congrats on a great week! 🎉

  • NDMochaChai says:

    I really like to add Premier Protein shakes to some iced espresso, 1/2 a
    container for 1sp or the entire container for 2sp 👍🏻 I have found them at
    Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club 😄

  • Tullyvsg says:

    I picked up the deal too! Did you get a book with your bag, I might have to
    ask my leader about it. I chose the dark choc. breakfast squares, the mini
    choc. caramel bars, bbq pop chips and chocolate smoothie. My plan for the
    smoothie is to mix with some cashew milk and espresso and hopefully it’s
    good. I know i used to make them with frozen coffee cubes and milk and they
    were good!

    Great weigh in!

  • Barb Bunton says:

    Suggestion put 1/2 packet of WW Chocolate smoothie in strawberry greek
    yogurt. If you put in freezer it’s similar to ice cream…yummy. I prefer
    the cranberry almond bars and rest only a half for 2pts. Gives you 2
    servings that way.

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