What I Ate | Weight Watchers Smart Points | 1212-1213

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  • Nanbk1956 says:

    You’re too cute!! I also love the same creamer! 😘🎅🎄❄⛄

  • Freedom In A Budget says:

    That beef and broccoli looks so good!!

  • Drina On WW says:

    I need to try that broccoli beef! I love how you’re always using cookbooks
    and recipes. I need to do that more often

  • Enza Giardetti says:

    wow you look great!! looking skinny girl!!😆😆

  • katlhick says:

    I know that you’ve been working for this family for awhile, but as a nanny
    did you it take you some time to adjust and be comfortable in their home?
    Like, I feel like I’d be afraid of eating anything there (even if it was my
    own food) or being brave and vlogging.

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