Bodybuilding To Powerlifting | Steve Cook Layne Norton | Ep. 18

Six Pack Abs

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Tips to get ripped fast and how to lose fat, build muscle and get fit....

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Expert trainers gives you his secrets to muscle growth, fat loss and getting the ultimate six pack.....

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Click here for fast fat loss, muscle and six pack abs


  • Jacob Hansen says:

    Amazing intro!

  • John Ong III says:

    Are you still in ON steve?

  • Pascal&Antonia says:

    Guys please dont try valsalva! Check out bodmechanic Videos. He degreed physical Therapy in Oxford. Valsalva will hurt you and your posture. Let The air out!

  • Dan Beal says:

    Steve your bench is strong

  • Mirko Milojkovic says:

    and i dont belive in bracing and pushing your gut out so you can squat more.For the past 3 yeara ive been dping vacums,and belive me qhen i squat,press or pull my stomach is in and tight.I think of you push out your belly you have a higher chance of getting a hernia.

  • Mirko Milojkovic says:

    If you want your lower backs to be healthy and safe,do weighted hypers before and after every workout,and abs off course. And i dont mean just pump out 20 reps,do it until you build up to a 300 lbs hyper,and youll have steel cables where your erectors should be.Everybody is complaining on their lower back, and they avoid those movements, they never try to get a strong low back and then do rows and pulls.Ruaaian lifters do hypers before every workout with a heavy weight.

  • MarsuveezBlack says:

    that how bow dah thing makes me hate you, Steve.

  • justinchao says:

    That new intro Steve!

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