Can You Gain Muscle Mass with Resistance Bands?

Six Pack Abs

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Click here for fast fat loss, muscle and six pack abs


  • Arsjonisteman says:

    Thanks for the great video, and I agree with some of the comments here about the “sciency” being a good thing 🙂

    As a bonus for all of you still reading: band pull aparts and band face pulls, for all of you with ache shoulders because of to much pressing (and with that: not enough pulling).
    I normally do a couple of sets as a warmup for almost every workout, it really improved my comfortable range of motion on my presses and really my posture got a boost from them to!

  • Fort Ranno says:

    Brilliant, thanks!!

  • codeman7055 says:

    Hey Picturefit I love your channel it has really helped me out on starting my workout goals.

    I would love it if you could do a video explaining the differences between a bodybuilder and a professional weightlifter and also explaining how to achieve either through your workouts.

    all the best, and keep making these awesome informational videos 🙂

  • Karolis Tiknius says:

    Please make a video about testosterone booster supplements!

  • THe COntrarian says:

    instructions unclear, slingshoted dumbbell through the floor

  • 8AFM4 says:

    That’s why you add chains to your bench press. The higher you press the more links are lifted adding more weight.

  • Cosimo u. Rebekka Marraffa says:


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