Cedric McMillan’s AC 2017 Victory is GREAT for Classic Bodybuilding

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  • Scray says:

    With all due respect, everybody still looked like they were 6 weeks out of a competition

  • FleeXiN says:

    Glad he won but his competitors were ALL slacking

  • T12000 says:

    Holy shit he has high attaching calves!

  • Fenomenoe9 says:

    what is killing his physique is the huge ass they have. Who agrees??

  • Emir EC says:

    Cedric is very aesthetic no doubt. but he isn’t quite classical. he needs smaller legs and his shoulders shouldn’t be bigger then his upper arms. although to be fair he wouldn’t go far in bodybuilding at all if he did that

    otherwise I think he nailed it

  • Emir EC says:

    it’s good that he won but like the typical top 5 didn’t even compete for some reason. so idk how much this will do for classic bodybuilding

    and also after the fiasco at the classic physique Olympia it doesn’t look good. hopefully in time it will turn around

  • BTSdivision says:

    Daillyyyyyyyyyyy yea I see the Gut might be harder to get rid of then u think

  • Shikamaru says:

    Amazing body has him. Really, I did follow to cedric for About 2 years ago, but I’d missed of him. Congratulations for him

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