Face-Eating Cannibal, Austin Harrouff, Posted Regularly On Bodybuilding Forums

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  • asdftacos says:

    Miscers of BB forums are the scourge of this world. I think its going to
    become one of the telltale signs of a murderer. Imagine that on a
    survey….Have you visited the Misc forums of Bodybuilding forums?

  • slaughtered9090 says:

    I dont know where you get the idea that he was socially awkward? He played
    football/wrestled in highschool and it appears he had a normal social life.
    I also dont get where you think ALL people that use those forums are serial
    killers? Just because a few people from the forums went off the deep end?
    There are literally psycho’s in any facet of life. I personally dont use
    them but still to assume they are as extreme as a “serial killer breeding
    ground” is just silly.

  • RLflix says:

    It has nothing to do with the Misc forum specifically. The fact of the
    matter is, internet forums attract all kinds of people, which unfortunately
    will occasionally include fucked up people. That’s the internet for you.

  • mambu6 says:

    miscer checking in

  • Sqooshy says:

    You should make a video exposing specific, crazy stuff that appears on them

  • Jim Dunne says:

    Shit JB , dont try and act like your not gonna be a player in one of these
    fucked up stories one day…..

  • Sqooshy says:

    They found flakka in his system

  • Martin Joanisse says:

    Had to put the Autistic comment in there.. You’re looking for an older
    audience. 1 out of 68 kids have autism.. Might want to concider that before
    using fucktard bbding lingo

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