Let’s Talk About Pre Exhaustion As A Muscle Building Tool

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  • zomge zomge says:

    I think there was a study that basically found that pre-exhaustion causes
    the exact opposite what broscientists think it does. The other muscles
    actually have to work harder because the main muscle is exhausted.

  • Josh Hale says:

    Bring back mount bicephious

  • djsubliminalreeve says:

    i think the weider way works best where you do a few sets of say leg
    extensions wait 4 mins to get rest for the heavy squats and a few sets of
    that to finish. basically your not gonna go to failure on leg extensions so
    you can still lift the same all your doing is warming up the joints and the
    muscle you might find hard to fire up. so if you find the glutes harder to
    get working then do some abductors instead of leg extensions.

  • WaqarDepp says:

    Love you video’s Jason. Keep up the good work!

  • David C says:

    Can you clarify the isolation vs heavy compound rep ranges? In the previous
    video you uploaded you mentioned doing movements in similar rep ranges on a
    single day would produce more gains than mixing rep ranges; if you are
    doing a compound movement in a relatively heavy rep range, let’s say 5-8,
    followed by isolation movements, what rep range would be optimal for the
    isolation movements?

  • Son of Piana says:

    Jason, have you ever looked up John Meadow’s Mountain Dog diets and
    programs? I think you’d like them, makes for an interesting read at least.

  • scott gilmour says:

    so vince Gironda didn’t look good.

  • scott gilmour says:

    mike mentzer lives

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