Still bodybuilding at age 61

Six Pack Abs

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Click here for fast fat loss, muscle and six pack abs


  • Mazdy Soraya says:

    Nick, you are the man. Tnx

  • RudySgTv Vlogs says:

    Very motivating 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Roger Rivera says:


  • brother bubble says:

    this guy looks way better than the current aesthetic physiques of today. Jeff Seid doesn’t stand a chance

  • Sam Mogharbel says:

    Awesome video, it’s inspiring to see Rory Leidelmeyer one of the old time greats showing the life long benefits of why every male should lift weights. Another one is Robby Robinson and the great Serge Nubret may he RIP.

  • BLACKBIRD XX says:

    Great vid where is Bertil fox

  • Robert Decker Jr. says:

    Blast from the past. Almost had forgotten about this guy. I remember reading about Rory in 1990’s bodybuilding magazines. They described him as a freak of nature. Very unnaturally unusually strong for his size. Thats what they emphasized about him back then in those Flex and Muscle&Fitness magazines that i used to read alot back in the 1990’s. I remember reading about him benching 600 lbs for reps while he weighed 220-230. Other crazy strong numbers on other lifts as well. He obviously has extra-ordinary tendon and ligament attachments,and a very extra thick bone structure throughout his entire body.

  • EPFit--How To Get Fit Fast says:

    Great and love it. Let’s build together. Awesome channel!! Hey great. subbed you , please subb my channel.

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