Teen Beginners Bodybuilding Training – BENT OVER ROWS

Six Pack Abs

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  • Mub33b says:

    I give the dude so much credit. Most people can’t go to the gym out of fear of being judged/seen. He’s going at 5am, before school & online in front of millions. May Lord Gainz bless you brahh.

  • Irene Kaali says:

    @buff dudes could you maybe comment on how these exercises may vary for females? Limitations and what not!? 😬😬😬

  • Anton Hallergren says:

    bend over to Parallell with a flat back, row as low as you can without your lower back bending either upwards or downwards.

  • emil salmi says:

    Jesus, how do you think that guy is feeling reading these comments… How about cutting a bit of slack and realizing he is a teenager trying to improve himself? That kid shouldn’t feel bad just because a few muscle guys blame him for not breaking 200 pounds…

  • B N says:

    excellent videos dudes. I have only been lifting a couple years and wish these bids were out then. I did watch all of your other instructional ones but theses are for complete beginners. you guys are the reason I started. awesome.

  • Zac Hogan says:

    I’ve been having issues with bent over rows all my life, I’m going to try and conquer it. Hope this video helps

  • Chris Trevino says:

    I have a feeling that the series is gonna end and he’s gonna look the same

  • SiddyFisher Kun says:

    Loving this series, please keep it up guys!!!

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