Terrible Bodybuilding.com Article Claims Using Bands Will Add More Muscle Mass

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  • Martin max says:

    jason, i am 36, and I was recently at ski trip skiing for a few days, and
    it was hectic and I didn’t eat too much and what happened is that I los
    considerable amount of muscles in my legs, where all my jeans that felt
    tight right now feel fairly big. I don’t care about weight, as I care more
    about how I look like. So even though I started to work hard last 3 week
    since then, I cannot get the muscles back, I however gained fat from eating
    more. I am even trying to work out harder than before, but with no result
    whatsoever, that makes me think that I lost my life gains in a few days of
    whole day skiing while eating very little as due to cold I didn’t feel
    hungry, even though I felt strange with cortisol levels high because I
    couldn’t sleep there….so what should I do?

  • Dylan Novak says:

    Can you build ANY muscle using only bands? Like face pulls with bands or
    band pull aparts? And if not are those exercises useful at all?

  • h1a2m3z4a5 says:

    Hey jason! Just started your ICF Novice 5×5 the cutting version….. Just
    curious , is this program possible to run on a cut but keep the 5×5/3×8
    sets instead of cutting them in half when in a deficit? I enjoy the high
    volume and intensity your program has to offer and i feel like im missing
    out doing the cutting version!

  • Adrian Reyes says:

    bands helped me bench more weight tho!

  • TheHamerer says:

    For someone who can’t do a pull up or chin up, are the safety reasons you
    mentioned in this video why you recommend negatives over assisted?

  • Trent Smith says:

    One of the best channels on YouTube, thanks for everything Jason.

  • Nigel Quinn says:

    Who has the time to go about setting up bands on every exercise they do lol

  • CJ 4 life says:

    Harambe using condoluted training methods.

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