Terrible Bodybuilding.com Article Promises A 440 lbs Bench Press

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  • FUTURE MMA says:

    Maybe if they were still selling legit gear on bb dot com you could reach

  • Garage Fit Gainz says:

    Your bench will double because you won’t be able to shit from all the
    protein. The extra shit built up in your bowels converts to creatine in the
    third intestine which activates the type 4 super-twitch muscle fibers and
    increases ATP in the pecs resulting in increased explosive power in the
    triceps. Clinically proven in a lab somewhere. Pretty sure that’s what the
    label read.

  • ASTRONAUT - Fitness says:

    Where to even start when talking about Bodybuilding.com IN GENERAL?

  • Angel fourwings says:

    Maaaan these niggas must think we’re all a bunch of Major Matokos from
    Ghost in the Shell LMAO

  • Alejandro Valdez says:

    what do you think about carb cycling?

  • Gal says:

    all this articles that promise u this results knowsits BS.they also advise
    u to take their supp’s. people will think they are not getting the results
    because the dont take supp’s(the only thing the dont follow) and they
    actually buy them.

  • Robbie Rees says:

    love your honesty Jason.

  • Mike L. says:

    Literally every bb.com article is just a supplement plug

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